Penguin C UAS

The Penguin C is a long endurance, long range unmanned aircraft system designed for a professional use.

Key Features

Penguin C Overview

The Penguin C is a long-endurance, long range unmanned aircraft system designed for professional use. Its flight endurance of over 20 hours and operation radius of over 100 kilometers or 60 miles makes it an extremely productive unmanned platform in terms of distance traveled and area covered in a single flight. If equiped with advanced Epsilon EO payloads, Penguin C is one of the most capable surveillance and inspection UAS available on the market.

The entire system with 3 UAVs, operated by a crew of two, fits in a minivan, and it can be assembled in less than an hour. Its portable launcher and parachute recovery system allows for runway-independent operation and unmatched portability in its class. See the video for a short system overview.

The Penguin C falls under the 55-pound FAA regulation requirements for small UAVs. The aircraft is non-ITAR restricted, giving our global customers easy access to its capabilities.

The design of the system is based on the proven Penguin B airframe, which has been sold to customers in over 43 countries and which achieved a 54.5-hour world record flight in 2012. The Penguin C is powered by UAV Factory's own highly efficient EFI long-endurance engine.

UAV Factory's flight operations team has flight-tested the Penguin C for over 4 000 hours hours to ensure its reliability and robustness in normal to severe weather conditions.

Class leading mobility

A crew of two can operate the Penguin C UAS, and all the necessary equipment, including the pneumatic launcher, can be transported in a minivan and assembled in under an hour. The whole system, packed in several ruggedized containers, weighs up to 265 kilograms or 585 pounds.

The use of a sophisticated parachute/airbag recovery system eliminates the need for bulky equipment such as a landing net or landing wire and provides for a very soft landing, thus reducing the risk of damage to the aircraft or payload in case of both planned and emergency landings. In addition, the Penguin C uses a proprietary algorithm that estimates the parachute landing point based on a number of flight conditions and allows for controlled aircraft recovery in a small designated area.

Highly efficient EFI long-endurance engine

Thanks to the UAV Factory's own state-of-the-art electronic fuel injected (EFI) engine, Penguin C flight endurance exceeds 20 hours. The cooling system provides the ability to operate from below freezing point to extremely hot conditions. Before delivery, each engine is tested extensively in UAV Factory's engine testing cell to maximize its reliability and efficiency.

The EFI engine comes built into a swappable propulsion module than can be changed in minutes, allowing for uninterrupted operation of the aircraft system while maintenance is performed on a second module.

Each engine is equipped with a Silent muffler with the lowest acoustic signature in this class of aircraft, and this makes the Penguin C a very suitable platform for covert surveillance missions.

Leading cost efficiency

While the Penguin C system provides the best in-class capabilities, it also comes at the lowest acquisition cost in its class and has the lowest operating cost. Additionally, its parachute/airbag landing system reduces the risk of payload, aircraft or third-party property damage in case of an unscheduled landing.

Penguin C Unmanned Aircraft System

Penguin C unmanned aircraft
Over 20 hours endurance with the advanced fuel injected engine.
Over 100 km operations radius with tracking antenna.
Epsilon Gyro-stabilized day/night payloads.
Fully autonomous catapult takeoff, flight and parachute recovery.
              Long range ground communication equipment
The Penguin C system is equipped with a state-of-the-art portable tracking antenna system that enables encrypted data transmission to a range exceeding 100 kilometers or 60 miles. Highlights of the system include a bit rate of up to 12 Mbps, integrated pointing algorithm and automatic switching between directional- and omnidirectional-antenna modes. The tracking antenna system and ground control station has a military-grade ruggedized design, and it can be operated in any conditions.
        Ground Control Station
Portable control station. User friendly software interface. Operational at extreme conditions.
Pneumatic Launcher
Autonomous launching from an unimproved terrain. Man portable design.
Launcher is capable of operating at 10,000 ft altitude and is designed for thousands of use cycles.

Payload Options

Penguin C is available with the Epsilon series of advanced micro-gimbals developed by Octopus ISR Systems, a division of UAV Factory. Epsilon gimbals provide advanced observation, inspection and surveillance capabilities, such as day- and nighttime object tracking and small moving target indication. In addition, Epsilon gimbals are fully integrated and have been tested extensively with Penguin C aircraft.
UAV Stabilized Gimbal models

Feature 135 140 140z 175
Hitachi global shutter EO HD sensor, 30x zoom X X X X
Xenics IR sensor with 25mm IR lens   X    
Xenics IR sensor with 60mm IR lens   X X  
MWIR sensor with 15x optical zoom       X
Laser range finder     X X
Laser Illuminator     X X
Onboard Processing Unit, High precision Geo-Location, Moving Map software X X X X

Third party payload integration

The Penguin C is also available for purchase with an empty payload bay, and it comes with all documentation necessary to perform payload integration. This provides an option to integrate third-party payloads using standard connections based on specific project needs. For powering the payload, customers can use the onboard 6 V, 12 V and 24 V power supply. For payload control and real-time video, customers can use an integrated data link Ethernet and serial pass-through with a rate of up to 12 Mbps.

Operational Training
Full-feature operational training is part of the Penguin C system. The 15-day training program covers all aspects of operation and maintenance, site survey, launch procedures, parachute packing, pre- and post-flight procedures, among numerous other topics. We supply all customers with comprehensive user manuals, and we offer after-training customer support at customers' locations.

Product Specification

Wingspan 3.3 m/ 10.8 ft
MTOW 22.5 kg / 49.6lbs.
Endurance 20 hours
Range 100 km/ 60 miles
Cruise speed 19-22 m/s / 37-43 knots
Max level speed 32 m/s / 62.2 knots
Ceiling 4500 m / 15 000 ft MSL
Takeoff Pneumatic Catapult, fully autonomous
Maximum takeoff altitude 3000m /10 000 ft AMSL
Parachute recovery, airbag
Operational temperature -25° C to +50° C
Anti- icing measures Heated Pitot- static tube.
Flight in icing conditions is not approved.
Environmental protection < 5 millimeters/hour rain. Pitot with drain.
Engine Type 28 cc, fuel injected
Temperature control system Automatically controlled via mechanical flap
Fuel type 98 Octane, oil mix
Generator system 100W onboard generator system
Payload type Day/night gyro stabilized Epsilon range of payloads
Advanced features Target Tracking, Electronic Stabilization, Moving Target Indicator
Mounting Motorized retract with anti-vibration damping
Frequency 2.304-2.364 GHz, 2.405-2.470 GHz, 5.00-5.800 GHz
Link Rate Up to 12 Mbps
Encryption 128 bit AES / 256 bit AES
Autopilot type Piccolo, Cloud Cap Technology
Type Portable, Dual touchscreen displays
Type Tracking high gain directional antenna
Type Portable pneumatic, 6000 J launch energy
Packed Size  1313 x 704 x 543 mm  

Product Downloads

Penguin C datasheet
Penguin B vs Penguin C
Ground Data Terminal
Epsilon 140z Datasheet v1.1

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Product Video

Penguin C Unmanned Aircraft System

Epsilon EO/IR gyro-stabilized gimbals presentation

Penguin C with Epsilon 140 - agricultural tractor tracking

Epsilon 140 - Moving Target Indicator baseline

Epsilon 135 HD Long-Range Track

Penguin C long range surveillance with Epsilon 135

Penguin C UAV Epsilon 140 EO Moving Vehicle Automatic Tracking

Penguin C and Epsilon 140 gimbal, 1.8 degree FOV fast vehicle tracking

Penguin C scene steering Epsilon 140

Penguin C tracking another Penguin C