Penguin BE Electric Platform

The electric version of the Penguin B is a perfect choice for the short duration missions. Electric propulsion offers clean operation with excellent reliability and simple maintenance

Key Features

  • Electric platform ready for payload and autopilot integration
  • 110 minute endurance with 2.8kg payload
  • 23 liters of payload volume
  • Up to 6.6kg payload capacity
  • Onboard 6V and 12V onboard power output
  • Quick replaceable battery cartridge
  • Low noise signature
  • Low vibration
  • Free Piccolo® autopilot configuration files
  • Catapult, car-top or runway takeoff
  • Wide range of standard subsystems and
  • Extensive documentation set
  • Short lead time for standard configurations

Penguin's philosophy:

Electric Penguin BE unmanned aircraft platform shares the same flexibility as original gas engine Penguin B unmanned aircraft. The electric version of the Penguin BE is a perfect choice for the short duration missions. Electric propulsion offers simple and clean operation with excellent reliability and simple maintenance. Electric propulsion has outstanding low noise and low vibration characteristics.
The aircraft is available as a platform, ready for the autopilot and payload integration by the customer.
Electric propulsion retrofit package is available for converting gas Penguin B to electric propulsion.


Sleek and efficient design gives best in class performance. Highly efficient, optimized electric propulsion with the matched propeller allows up to 110 minutes of endurance with 2.8 kg payload. The maximum payload capacity is 6.6 kg. The optimized high lift flap system provides stall speeds of less than 13 m/s.

Battery Cartridge:

The 640 Wh battery cartridge is custom made from 48 Lithium Polymer cells and has 145 Wh/kg specific energy. The cartridge has rugged aluminum structure and integrated PCB that reduces the amount of wiring and simplifies charging. Battery cartridge can be changed in less than 1 minute.

Modular design:

All components of the Penguin BE are easily removable and completely interchangeable. Wing splits in three 1.1 meter sections and the V-tail splits in two parts. High-end industrial grade push-pull connectors are installed in tail-boom joints as standard. The quick release fastening is used extensively in the Penguin B airframe. Oversize access covers are equipped with DZUS type 1/4 turn quick fasteners, tail-booms are equipped with a purpose developed quick release aluminum joints. Battery cartridge is fastened with the quick release spring loaded pins.

Piccolo® autopilot configuration files for Penguin B are available at no cost.   CAD model of Penguin B available to simplify the payload and autopilot integration for the clients.
Extensive Documentation for Penguin B aircraft and subsystems.   Plug and play 640 Wh battery cartridge
Highly efficient, optimized brushless electric propulsion   Takeoff from anywhere using portable pneumatic catapult.
Optional heavy duty landing gear allows landing on rough terrain.   Heated Pitot probe for preventing ice formation.
Quick release joints for quick assembly.   Industrial electrical connectors.
Portable control station. Compatible with Cloud Cap Piccolo®, Procerus Technologies Kestrel®, Micropilot® autopilot systems.      

Product Specification

MTOW 21.5 kg
Empty Weight (excluding payload)1 14.9 kg
Wing Span 3.3 m
Length 2.27 m
Wing Area 0.79 m2
Propulsion Type Geared Brushless
Propulsion Power 2700 W
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Battery Cartridge Capacity 640 Wh
Onboard Voltage 6V, 12V
Onboard Continuous Power 100 Watts
Max Payload 6.6 kg
Takeoff Method Catapult, Runway or car top launch
 Environmental Protection Sealed against rain, snow

1 With standard landing gear, with battery cartridge

Endurance2 110 minutes with 2.8 kg payload                                     
Cruise Speed 22 m/s
Stall Speed (with high lift system)3 13 m/s
Max Level Speed 36 m/s
Takeoff run4 30 m
CL max (45o flap deflection) 1.7
CL max (clean wing) 1.3
Ceiling 6000 m

2 In belly landing configuration
3 Sea level altitude, 15 kg aircraft weight, 15 C°.
4 Sea level altitude, 15 kg aircraft weight, 15 C°, concrete runway.

Universal Payload Mount:

Electric Penguin B has a swappable universal payload mount that can be removed in seconds and used for various payloads. Payload mount is inserted from the underneath of the fuselage and includes a large section of the lower fuselage surface to facilitate the installation of the camera gimbal. The most sophisticated payloads such as retractable gimbals can be installed by integrators into the fuselage and utilize the available space efficiently. The universal payload mount has predetermined mounting points that are precisely machined into the aluminum frame as well as removable ballast slugs that will simplify the payload integration process considerably. Due to the compact size of electric propulsion and battery cartridge, there is a large amount of space available for payload integrators. The fuselage is split into two main payload areas – the forward payload bay and the rear payload bay.

Integrators can design custom payload mounts for their payload in CAD software. Fuselage and payload mount CAD models are available to clients. 

Product Downloads

Penguin B vs Penguin C
Penguin B exploded view
Penguin B 3d drawing

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Product Video

Penguin BE - Electric UAV platform

Epsilon EO/IR gyro-stabilized gimbals presentation

Penguin C with Epsilon 140 - agricultural tractor tracking

Epsilon 140 - Moving Target Indicator baseline

Epsilon 135 IR object tracking

Epsilon 135 HD Long-Range Track

Penguin C UAV Epsilon 140 EO Moving Vehicle Automatic Tracking

Penguin C and Epsilon 140 gimbal, 1.8 degree FOV fast vehicle tracking

Penguin C scene steering Epsilon 140

Penguin C tracking another Penguin C

Penguin C long range surveillance with Epsilon 135