Universal Payload Mount

Universal payload mount is a flexible solution for integrating a payload inside the Penguin B UAV.

Key Features

Universal payload mount consists of the Penguin B bottom fuselage cover and bonded aluminum frame. The frame is precisely machined and has 13 threaded mounting holes that can be used for mounting application-specific intermediate plate. The intermediate plate can be designed around a particular payload configuration.

The intermediate plate can be mounted to the universal payload mount either directly or using silicone or rubber vibration dampers.

The universal payload mount has attachment points for the ballast slugs. The ballast slugs are supplied together with the universal payload mount and can be quickly added or removed on field.

Custom application-specific intermediate plates can be supplied on request.
  • Flexible mounting configurations for various payloads
  • Attachment points for ballast slugs
  • Ballast slugs included in the kit
  • Anti-vibration dampers can be bolted directly to the universal payload mount

Product Specification

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