UAV Car top launcher

Car-top launcher is a convenient, reliable and low-cost option for runway-independent launching of the Penguin B UAV.

Key Features

Car-top launcher can be mounted on all cars that accept THULE’s Rapid Aero ™ roof rack. Installation on car roof and removal of the launcher takes less than two minutes. Penguin UAV can be transported when mounted on the car-top launcher with the wing tips removed and secured with safety-pins.

When compared against catapult launcher, the car-top launcher is more than three times less expensive than the closest alternative, and does not need maintenance or assembly. Car-top launcher is light, small and it is easy to store and transport.

Using the car-top launcher, the Penguin UAV can be launched from any surface, where a car can reach the takeoff speed, which is approximately 70 km/h. This launching method offers high reliability under the strong and gusty side-wind conditions.

The car-top launcher has a convenient removable starter assembly with an integrated Lithium Ion battery and MOSFET switch. Once the UAV engine is running, the starter assembly can be easily removed.
  • Low cost alternative to catapult launching
  • Light, small and reliable
  • Good reliability under strong wind, side wind and gusty conditions
  • Safe and reliable electric starter with Lithium batteries, MOSFET switch

Product Specification

  • Release Mechanism: Actuated by UAV rotation
  • Starter: Heavy duty 12-24 VDC
  • Battery Type: Removable, Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Capacity: 43 Wh
  • Car Mount Type: THULE Rapid Aero™ Load Bars
  • Weight: 9,7 kg (including starter, batteries)

Product Downloads

Car Top Launcher Datasheet

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Product Video

Penguin B car launch